Off Grid Power – Yes or No?

You may have read or heard of people choosing to take their energy supply with off grid solar systems South Africa, so what’s it all about? In some cases – but not all – it is possible to install a solar panel solution that allows you to generate electricity independently, and many homes across the Western Cape region have already done so with solar energy Cape Town.

solar systems

One company that is leading the way in solar technology is Max Yield Energy, and they have a reputation for excellent service and quality solutions. They will advise you carefully and honestly on the type of system that is right for you, as in many cases going off-grid has its pitfalls.

There is plenty of information about the different systems available at the Max Yield Energy website, and they are more than happy to talk to you and offer impartial advice, so why not get in touch with them right now and see if they can help.

Babor Essential Care for Guaranteed Results

Are you unimpressed with your current skin care products? You’re not alone, as many people are using brands that promise plenty while delivering little. This is not true of Babor, a company that has been in the business for many decades, and that offers a full range of skin care and beauty products South Africa that are proven to do the business.

Babor has a dedicated research and development team of scientists and researchers who work together to find the right combination of natural ingredients for the best eye cream. They seek safe and effective results, and only being a product to the market when they are fully confident it will do the job.

With a full range of creams and serums, the Essential Care range from Babor is a recommended starting point, and we believe you will like their prices, too. Check out the website now for the best range of beauty products on the market, and save money too.

Safari Tours to the Etosha National Park

If you are considering a safari in Africa – and it makes for an exciting and rewarding Namibia holiday for all ages – we recommend you consider the quite spectacular Etosha National Park, in the northern region of the magnificent country of Namibia. Here you can see leopards and lions, elephants, rhino, giraffe and many more wild animals, plus a wealth of exotic bird species, in their natural habitat, an experience that is never to be forgotten.

safari namibia

At Book Namibia, an excellent resource offering advice and information on all aspects of travel in Namibia, you can find details of accommodation and safari operators offering tours to the Etosha National Park, as well as basic information on Namibia travel and much more. This is a country that retains its natural magic, remaining largely unspoiled, so check out Book Namibia right now for all the advice and information you need to book the safari you know you deserve.

Get the Best in Promotional Goods – The Promo Group

The use of promotional gifts as give-aways, perhaps at exhibitions or events or maybe to your clients or employees, is widespread and has a proven effect on brand awareness and loyalty, but the only question is this: what do you give away? The answer is that you need to find something that is not only relevant to your business but that also reflects the quality you want to be known for, and the place to find the best in affordable quality promotional gifts is The Promo Group.

The Promo Group has established a reputation as a leading name in the promotional and branded corporate gifts market in South Africa, and offers a range of products that is simply second to none. With everything from traditional items such as pens, torches, notebooks and backpacks, through novelty items, tech goods such as branded USB flash drives to umbrellas, a range of eco friendly items and a full choice of clothing and work gear they can attend to all of your promotional requirements, and do so at great prices with a promise of top quality items every time. Whether you need a few or many they can help.

If you use The Promo Group for your branded promotional goods and gifts you also get the advantage of a free artwork service; simply follow the instructions online to get the information to them and they will do the rest – it really is that easy. Also, if you are ordering a large quantity you may qualify for free delivery in South Africa, so check the website for details. If you need great promotional branded goods at excellent prices you need to talk to The Promo Group, so why not get in touch right now and see how they can help enhance your brand?

Only the Best from LUKS Brands

Using audio equipment on the move is increasingly popular, thanks in no small part to the availability of quality gear at great prices. Whether you want affordable and portable in the ear headphones that you can tuck away in your pocket when not in use, or you prefer the larger and more impressive-sounding over the ear cans you will find a great selection of choices at LUKS Brands, a great online store that stocks a full range of gear from the renowned and respected Skullcandy brand. With great prices and choice of styles and colours you can’t fail to enjoy your sounds.

With great headphones designed specifically for gaming you can enjoy your entertainment to the full, and nothing get you more immersed in the action than great sounds. For music you can find models that offer top level bass response – superb for when commuting or simply listening in private – and others that provide a range of audio options. Skullcandy is a quality brand that takes great pride in its attention to detail, and they even have a selection intended especially for women – really great designs that look good in any situation.

Check this out: Skullcandy over ear headphones

It’s not just headphones that LUKS Brands stocks, for the Skullcandy range also includes a variety of accessories. Cables, Bluetooth adapters and much more can be found at excellent prices, and all to suit your needs. Match your audio gear with the great range of clothing from Neff and superb bags and other gear from Ogio and you will have the outfit that makes you the envy of all, and with easy, safe and secure online shopping as a bonus. Why not have a look at the truly classy selection of Skullcandy gear from LUKS Brands, and you will soon see that it’s the only place you need to go.


Laptop Bags and Sleeves make Great Branded Gifts

Whether you want to give them as gifts to your prospective and existing clients, or to your employees, branded laptop bags and sleeves make an excellent choice. Practical and stylish, for anyone who travels with a laptop a comfortable and high quality laptop bag is a must, and at Brandability there is a massive choice of bags and sleeves specially designed for the purpose. Brandability can also have your laptop bags branded, with either your company name or logo, and will help you through the process from beginning to end.

Serving South African countries with a range of branding and marketing solutions for some years, Brandability deals in a comprehensive collection of branded goods and corporate gifts, and can supply you with everything from kids branded clothing to USB memory sticks in a wide variety of colours and styles. With many satisfied clients so far, the company takes great pride in supplying only the best quality goods at excellent prices, and when it comes to laptop bags and sleeves, has selected a choice from some of the most respected brands in the business to ensure a high standard of quality throughout.

Whether you need full size laptop bags as promotional corporate gifts with the relevant compartments, straps and handles, or a more portable sleeve version for a laptop or tablet, Brandability can provide the items you need, and in a great range of colours to match your corporate image. With specially designed and very stylish versions designed especially for ladies, plus more traditionally styled bags that are always in fashion, Brandability can help, and with a friendly and experienced team plus a reputation for excellent prices and great customer service, why not give them a call right now and see how they can help with all your branding needs?

Canjen Provides Vehicle Branding Solutions in South Africa

If you have a company that uses a fleet of vehicles, of whatever kind, you need to consider how they could be used to advance your brand and get it across to the right people. Vans and lorries are the perfect canvas for car branding thanks to the expanse of space they present, and when you get it right your brand name will be seen by more people than you may have thought possible. It pays to use the professionals when choosing how to present your branding, and Canjen is the place to go.

Serving customers in South Africa for a number of years, Canjen is an established leading name in the latex printing and vehicle branding field, and an acknowledged expert in the latter. Whether you want a fleet of vans to be used as mobile billboards or you have a single vehicle that you believe you can utilise there is something they can do for you. Besides vehicle branding, Canjen also offers expert solutions in many other areas of the printing and branding field, and can help you get your company profile across in a number of ways.

From digital printing services to vinyl cut outs, through floor branding and wallpaper the company has the latest machinery and know-how to provide clients with top quality products and excellent levels of customer service. Innovative in many ways, the company is also a leading provider of contra vision vinyl in Johannesburg window decals, a method of branding that applies decals to the outside of glass that do not affect the vision from the inside.

For all your vehicle branding and digital printing needs you should talk to the experienced and friendly team at Canjen, and you will surely add to their reputation as market leaders in the field.

Best SEO Company In Cape Town

Why believe in SEO Studio?

Do you want to be ranked in the top 5 when companies or individuals search for your website? You need SEO!

With the amount of keywords being searched on google and the way that the Algorithm works “Hummingbird”, SEO Studio Cape Town will make sure to use their achieved skills and reputation in optimizing your site to be found first and to be noticed. Being in the top 3-5 search results when using SE will be a really good reputation for your company, showing customers that you do care about your business and your customers to make sure that they get the best service provided out there.

Where can this SEO take my business too?

Most people out there with a small or big business, thinks that once you have your own website then people will start noticing you. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. What you need is marketing (SEO Studio Dominator Package), page ranking plays one of the biggest roles in marketing. The higher your page is ranked on google, the more traffic you receive, that means clients, equalises growth. Once your page has top ranking you will start seeing results and you’ll never regret going for SEO Studio to help you gain that push that would lead your business to success.

Where to find SEO Studio?

If you haven’t noticed, typing in Google search bar, “SEO STUDIO” will provide you with SEO Studio as the first result that links you straight to their website. That already shows you SEO Studio knows what they doing to keep their name high and to make sure that it will stay in the top ranking on the Search Engine, and that is the quality of work you receive from them and will be all worth your time to invest in them and making your business rank up on Search Engines.