Small Business, Websites and Internet Marketing

Dynamic Website Construction offer a range of products and services around small business websites and internet marketing to help you cash in on the amazing possibilities of an online presence for your small business. Establishing an internet presence is about more than merely “having a webpage”.

The internet has opened up incredible possibilities for those who need more exposure for their businesses, or simply wish to be accessible after hours without committing man-power to it. The combination of personal contact and feedback, combined with the vast marketing potential of the web, makes it easier to market a main street concern than to market a solely internet based company. While it is not really an “quick and easy” market to break into, it is a lucrative one. As such, it should be seriously considered.

Take note – not all physical businesses will benefit from an internet presence – so it will require some thought on your part. Please take a copy of the free report offered below – it will help you to do a systematic evaluation, and decide if you should invest in a website or not.

If, however, you would like to have a small business website built, we can do that for you. Please note, however, that we do not offer grande design work – we build simple, functional websites that WORK.

Additionally, we provide writing services – ranging from SEO content writing, to article writing for SEO, credibility and promotion, as well as short ebooks to give away to clients – similar in concept to what we offer here – in return for their contact details.

Having your own internet presence does have a number of advantages:

It speaks for you when you can’t:

Not all people who want to connect with you, can do so during office hours. Some are looking for a solution late at night, and some are browsing possibilities over a weekend. While the doors on your premises may be locked, your small business website is always open to attract and inform new prospects, and offer them a means of contacting you (a contact form).

Make it convenient to learn more about your business:

Many people would rather visit your small business website than visit your store – especially if they are just comparing suppliers. After all, on the internet, no-one bugs you or hovers around you, and you can leave anytime you like. And you can browse multiple suppliers in a short space of time without any travel. For some people, the mere availability of this convenience could sway their opinion of your company – and land you a new client.

Visitors from Google and other search engines:

Small business SEO, or search engine optimization, is in most cases easier than mainstream internet marketing. In short, it is (most of the time) easier to do search engine marketing, and get visitors from Google (and other search engines) to a site for a local business than it is to get visitors to a website on a generic topic.

Visitors from social media sites:

The possibilities afforded by using social media communities, like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and forums, will allow you to establish connections with many more people than you would normally have known – in your neighborhood. Many large corporations are moving towards establishing a social presence in the internet – because it works.


Additionally, having your own small business website will allow you the opportunity to establish credibility online – by showcasing your expertise. Keep in mind that most people searching the internet are not looking for advanced information – all they want is the basics. As such, you will find that offering simple, but helpful information will attract people to your website – and increase their opinion of you. With credibility comes trust. With trust comes more business.

Keep in touch with prospects:

By capturing email addresses, you will be able to follow up on potential clients, and vastly improve the odds of closing a deal. However, it is possible to keep in REGULAR contact with the prospects on your email list. As such, you can generate much more revenue from your list of internet prospects as time goes by. Ironically, it costs a fraction of what it costs to send physical letters.


Your internet presence will automatically add to your branding campaign – without any additional costs.

In conclusion:

A functional, profitable small business website is a valuable asset to your main street concern. Internet marketing, combined with traditional face to face business, is a winning combination. However…

Not all websites are functional. Some are functional, and some just “are”.